My Favorite Custom Projects from 2018

Better late than never…

I planned on putting a post together with all my favorite custom projects from 2018 back in December, but clearly that did not happen. So, before we hit February, here are some of my favorite projects from LAST year. Some work related, some not.

In my personal life I accomplished a lot. I grew a whole human and have kept him alive and happy for over 6 months now! So yes, I suppose this should be my favorite project of the year. I do love the finished product, but the 9 months leading up to his arrival were not so great (I’ll spare you all the lovely details).

He’s pretty cute, right?

He’s pretty cute, right?

With a rough pregnancy, a lot of business related things got put on hold, so it was easy for me to look at my business and see it as completely stalled in 2018. But when putting this post together, It was really nice looking back and seeing that I did complete some projects I was really proud of, I made some new connections, and zeroed in a bit more on what I really enjoy doing. So, in no particular order, here are just a few of my favorites!

Disney World Guest Book Painting

I received an email from a bride’s mother who wanted to surprise her with a guest book painting. The couple loved Disney World, and even got engaged there! Little did she know she was emailing someone who lives 15 minutes from Disney. And has an annual pass. And loves it. (I’m not a crazy person who goes to Disney World every day or anything… but I am planning to head to Animal Kingdom this afternoon, no joke.)

She knew she wanted it on wood, but beyond that was open to ideas. I sketched up a few options for her and we decided to go with the castle, fireworks, and Mickey and Minnie hats. I love how it turned out, and am thinking I’ll add something like this to my regular offerings!

disney wedding guest book
cinderella wedding guest book
cinderella castle painting

Personalized Photo Mat

My cousin Jackie wanted to get her friend a hand painted gift for her wedding. She knew she wanted something similar to my framed wedding invitation keepsakes, but wasn’t sure exactly what. I came up with the idea of doing a frame and mat that was similar in design to the wedding invitation, so the couple could later put one of their wedding or engagement photos in it.

Jackie sent me the invitation and other stationery so I could match the designs and colors, and I got to work painting and cutting out different elements. Once it was all assembled, we chose a frame and she was all set with a one-of-a-kind, practical gift for her friends. I really enjoyed doing this variation of my usual framed keepsakes, and I’m working on getting this listed as an option on the website!

unique wedding gift ideas
meaningful wedding gift

Oliver’s Nursery Painting

This one was not work related, but it was definitely one of the most fun projects I did last year! As soon as I got pregnant, so many people had the reaction of “Oh, his room’s going to be so cool!” and “Are you going to paint a mural?” No pressure there. While my theatre-set-painting-self would have loved to create some awesome mural, my pregnant self was not having it.

Seth and I knew we wanted something with Oliver’s name on it, but we weren’t loving things we were finding online. So we ended up designing this nursery artwork together, and then I painted it (and painted, and painted…) in 15 minute increments when I was feeling up to it.

Octopus, Legos, Ice Cream, Vampire Bats, Eclipse, and Robots Reading :)

Octopus, Legos, Ice Cream, Vampire Bats, Eclipse, and Robots Reading :)

name artwork for nursery
*Not Oliver (but thinks everything in nursery is for him…)

*Not Oliver (but thinks everything in nursery is for him…)

O is for Octopus! (And ocean!)

O is for Octopus! (And ocean!)

nursery painting

I’d love to create a guest book painting or framed keepsake for you, but if you’re looking for something a little different, just contact me with your ideas! As you can see above, I love taking on custom orders.