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Welcome to our paint-covered corner of the internet!

I'm Kate Shore, the artist behind all things here at Shoreline Paintery. I believe that the items you surround yourself with should tell a story, bringing you joy as you think about the person who gave it to you, the vacation you were on when you purchased it, or the special event it commemorates. I started this business as a way to create tangible reminders of your most treasured memories. Custom, heirloom-quality pieces of art that are meaningful to you and your unique story.

 A little more about me - 

  • Most of my clothes have paint on them.

  • All of my clothes have dog hair on them.

  • I have a BFA in Theatre Design and Production, and one of my favorite things in the world is the feeling I get right as the lights go down before a theatre performance starts.

  • Mosquitoes love me.

  • I grew up in North Carolina and am an equal fan of beaches and mountains. I now live in Florida and often miss the mountains, but never the cold.

  • Tactile over virtual, coffee over tea, sentimental but not sappy.

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Meet the rest of the Shoreline Paintery family!

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So 12 years ago this guy bought me a drink at a bar, and I just never left his house…

Seth loves UNC basketball, photography, bad puns, and good beer. He is an awesome cook, and his jokes are (usually) funny. If you've ever bought anything from me online, chances are Seth dropped it off at the Post Office for you. He's pretty great.

Also, his high school mascot was a unicorn.



When we got Luna, she was scared of everything, and spent her first day home hiding under the coffee table until I eventually lured her out E.T. style with a trail of treats. Eight years later, she's only scared of most things. Foot warmer, paper shredder, and all around number one goofball, Luna loves chasing thunder and attacking sprinklers, she sheds like it's her job, and she's not super confident in her ability to walk on our new laminate floors.



What Rivers lacks in size, he makes up for with sheer volume (with prime time being around 4:30 a.m.). When he's not shouting at me for no reason, he enjoys chasing lizards, trying to jump on Luna's back, and running through the house like it's an obstacle course.