Forget the Pinterest-perfect wedding (it’s not real).

Forget tradition for tradition’s sake (it’s meaningless).

Create a new tradition, let your personalities shine, and chronicle your wedding day in a meaningful way that is just. so. you.


Wedding Guest Book Paintings

Instead of a traditional guest book that you’ll put on a shelf and never look at again, these original, personalized paintings become meaningful heirlooms once they're signed by all your loved ones on your wedding day.

The ultimate keepsake for the sentimental bride, these hand painted, completely custom pieces of art are perfect for showcasing wedding invitations. Give them a one of a kind gift they can display in their home for years to come.


Words like "keepsake" and "heirloom" tend to bring to mind pieces that are so delicate they are kept tucked safely away in a closet, rarely viewed. Through my artwork, I aim to create a different kind of keepsake - one that you view every day. One that you hang on a wall, that you treasure for years to come. A sentimental conversation piece that takes you on a mini trip down memory lane every time you pass them in your home. Take a look around, and see how Shoreline Paintery can help tell your story.